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Willy Wonka Jr

Willy Wonka Jr.

CONGRATS TO ALL! This was a very hard decision! Mrs. Weaver saw so many talented students. Please know she tries hard to give 5th graders top billing – that is her philosophy. :)

Click here to see the Cast List. You all did a wonderful job and we are so excited for the show

WW Calendar for rehearsal and SHOW DATES. For after school rehearsals, your student needs a note giving permission to stay AND list who is picking them up. You MUST sign your child out at the end of rehearsal. There will be an alpha list by student’s last name.

ALL cast members should have a Music CD! Practice with your student and the CD. There is a TRACK for a “sing-along” with others singing and there is another TRACK that is music only (background) and your student should rehearse with this as well.

Cast parent, Heather Hunkele, has graciously agreed to coordinate our costumes. Oompas, Squirrels & Candy Man Chorus will need to reimburse her for their coordinating costume pieces. Also, costumes can be dropped off at school anytime. LABEL everything!!

REMINDER – April 5 & 6 Shows. We are all going to have a blast, so stay healthy and we look forward to seeing our students shine onstage.


Willy Wonka Meeting NOTES 10/11/2016

Rehearsals will be held on Monday & Wednesday mornings at 7:45 AM – 8:45 AM. Please do NOT leave your student unattended. Make sure that Mrs. Weaver has arrived prior to leaving your precious student at school :)

You will get a text about which groups will rehearse from Mrs. Weaver’s REMIND 101 by 10 PM on Sunday night (She will strive to get this info out by Friday afternoon). The text will NOT be grammatically correct as she has limited characters she can send through this service.

Oompas: Please notice, if you miss your practice, you might be out of the show. It is vital that you attend the assigned rehearsal.

Scripts for leads will be given out soon.

Scenes/Song sheets will come out for all the cast soon as well as a CD.


Everyone MUST sign up for Remind 101

Please send a text to the “phone” number 81010

The body of the text message should have the following characters (including the @ symbol) for groups listed below. If you are part of multiple groups, you will need to send multiple text messages, i.e. one text message will join one Remind group.

Full cast (everyone) @94g26

Bucket Family @797g4

Main/Head Oompas @hc2k8k

Oompa Chorus @669bdc (Main/Head Oompas sign up for this one too!)

Candyman/Candy Chorus @993g6k

Candy Winners (Violet, Veruca, Mike, Augustus) & parents, Phineus Trout @kh9b3h

Willy Wonka & Charlie @3fh6kb

Squirrels @h87g4f

James/Matilda @d9gh34



Oompas: ALL need jean overalls. For colored hair…you can spray paint it or buy the colored wig from Party City. These will likely be on sale after Halloween.

  • Violet: Pink hair, pink shirt, pink long socks
  • Veruca: Blue hair, blue shirt, blue long socks
  • Mike: White hair, white shirt, white socks
  • Augustus: Green hair, green shirt, green long socks
  • Main Oompas: Rainbow

MAINS: Costume info on hand-outs. Please let us know if you need another one.