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New Technology Initiative

In an effort to move our students and staff forward in all areas of learning, the PTA has adopted an initiative to help improve the technology capabilities at Baucom.  Baucom’s Instructional Technology Facilitator, Cindy Holmes, has indicated that the best approach to help this endeavor is to target funds towards the purchase of new computers, specifically new laptops for the Medialab.

As one of the specials at Baucom, Technology has 6 classes everyday meeting in the Medialab.  Getting new computers would enable the staff to have dependable working devices.  Laptops would allow flexibility for students to work collaboratively, sitting together at the tables around the MediaLab.  Desktops limit the placement of devices and students’ work areas due to the confines of the space having outlets and ports in the floors in the one corner only.  With the current layout students accidentally unplug the cords at least once a day which leads to computers at a station shutting down and students have to restart them, log in again, and determine where they left off.  Needless to say, this is not the most productive use of time for students.  Laptops will work as they can connect with the wireless and be plugged in as needed.   They can then be charged overnight in the laptop cart that is already available.
The county is moving away from desktops to more mobile devices.  Some of our current computers are from 2005 and 2006. The county stipulates models that can be used, based on the Wake County recommended hardware.  These vary in price, but the ones being considered are about $605. The school would also like to replace the ancient desktops in classrooms with laptops and add iPads.

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